Inviting a doula into your home and into your birth space is an incredibly personal decision. To ensure I am the one for you, I offer an initial phone chat, followed by an in-person meeting, at a location of your choice. I support all pregnancies, all births and you in all your choices.

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Birth Package

3 antenatal sessions  

On call from 38 weeks until birth

Attendance at your birth

2 post-natal visits when you are ready

Unlimited phone and message contact from on call to 10 days post-partum

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Antenatal sessions

You are on the road to parenthood (congratulations!), the journey so far will have been a very individual one and you may find yourself with questions, worries, excitement and many other emotions and feelings. Perhaps you are looking for some support in the later stages of pregnancy, whether that be for yourself, your family or getting things ready for your baby. Then there is the birth. What are your hopes and wishes for birth? Who do you want there? Where do you want to be? Having an advocate in your birth space can be so important, lets guard the oxytocin and strive for positivity!

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postnatal care

In our society, the importance of postnatal care for new parents is hugely and worryingly underestimated. You have just birthed a new life into the world and this is where I strongly believe the fourth trimester is such a precious time for new parents to be nurtured to give them the power and resources to nurture your baby. This will look different for everyone. Whether it be supporting with baby care or looking after your baby to allow you time for self care, cooking a meal or holding space and listening (the list is endless), I am here for you. 

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postnatal planning

Lots of expectant parents are encouraged to create a birth plan or preferences (I often say wishes as babies don’t often read the plan so don’t tend to stick to it!) but often omit to think much further than birth. So why not create a postnatal plan during pregnancy to map out expectations, wishes and hopes for those early days and weeks.  

All my offerings can be completely bespoke to suit your own wishes and needs.